The End, for a Lot of Things

Cape Finisterre, the westernmost point of land in Galicia, was for centuries thought to be the end of the world, hence its name, which comes from the Latin finis terrae, or end of the earth. (Geographers later discovered that a cape in Portugal is actually the westernmost part of the Iberian peninsula.) Cape Finisterre is also Kilometer 0 of the Camino de Santiago, where pilgrims, after they have visited the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, come to finish the hike and also where some of them burn their clothes or leave their boots behind. The above image was taken on a calm day, but this remote, unforgiving coast can kick up some fearsome weather. Many ships have come to grief here, which is why the route around the cape is known as the Costa da Morte in Gallego, or the Coastline of Death. Photo ©Mike Randolph

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